The Story Behind A Fresh Take Retreat - a Couples Soultion

Hi!!!! I am Renee and I am an adventure traveler, yogi, diver, and sailor. I am excited to share the inspiration behind our first combination retreat.

Megan & Renee Underwater
If you know us, you know that we live to travel! Our passports are always at the ready and we say yes before we know any of the details.  

Diving and underwater photography are my wife Megan's Passions (you can check out some of her pictures at @DiverMegan). I am a Yogi, primarily vegetarian, meditate daily, and own a boutique yoga and fitness studio in SWFL.

It is our love of travel that keeps us going, together, on adventure after adventure. We have sailed catamarans in the British Virgin Islands, gone on safari in Africa, spent time teaching a college course on Sports & the Olympics in London during the 2012 games. Don't get me started on the several occasions we have indulged our way through Italy. We care about the details when we travel and aim to make every trip an adventure to remember.

So, we are excited to announce our first joint adventure - A Fresh Take Retreat in St. Croix, USVI April 14-18th 2022.  This retreat addresses a challenge faced by us and many others. 

So how do you find a trip you both like when one-half of the travel partnership dives and the other prefers yoga/wellness??? You combine passions of course.

The Fresh Take Retreat allows you to choose your track. The Diving Track provides guided, concierge diving with no dive buddy required. We have partnered with Adventures in Diving - STX to provide you with all the must-dive locations on St. Croix.  The Wellness Track provides time for yoga, meditation, forest bathing, self-care, and more lead by @ReneeHeil & @KristenDare. 

The retreat is structured so that we share time at meals hand-curated by the chefs at the Feather Leaf Inn. Looking to relax? That time is built in too.

In addition, we have built-in flexibility to our tracks. Want to do a little diving? Interested in doing the Kayak tour together? We have structured the retreat so you can mix and match activities to create the perfect weekend away for both of you! 

So why St. Croix? For several reasons, with COVID remaining unknown, travel to a US territory is much easier than to a foreign destination. St. Croix has all the amenities of its fellow island St. Thomas, but with less stress and congestion. Don't worry, we have taken as much stress out of that as well and will coordinate all return to mainland testing that may be required. We may not be able to control everything, but we will work hard to ensure that any necessary hoops are planned into the itinerary. 

Have questions? Email and I can provide you all the details. 

We look forward to you joining us on our next adventure.

Renee & Megan

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